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Shenzhen Shijibao Holdings Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Shenzhen Shijibao) is a subsidiary of Hong Kong Shijibao Group (HK02033). Always adhere to the tenet of “people-oriented, green development”; adhering to the 4E1H corporate value concept of “equality, desire, efficiency, excellence, and happiness” to provide customers with high-quality, professional products and services. Committed to becoming a brand that pursues fashion, creativity and excellent quality.

The team operate its brand and products include fine watches, bags, Jewelry and a variety of customized services. Currently operating the global online business of the brands “Tianwang Watch” and “Swiss Balco” under the Shijibao Group (HK.02033). Tianwang jewelry and bags, self-owned brand “Sheng Tesi • Ou Tu. (SOTOIRU)”. Among them, Tianwang watch was created in Shenzhen, China in 1988. The Swiss BALCO watch has a history of 96 years. SOTOIRU is a fashion women’s watch brand founded in 2019 following the young people of the new era in China.

The existing scale exceeds 200+ people, The office area is more than 2500 square meters, The warehouse covers an area of more than 3000 square meters. The team has won the trust and praise of consumers with perfect professional pre-sales, sales and after-sales services. On the basis of adhering to product quality, Achieve product innovation.

Since 2012, Tianwang Watch has participated in China’s Tmall Double Eleven Carnival for 9 consecutive years, and has ranked first in sales of China watch brands for 9 consecutive years.

Under the leadership of the founder Luo Jian, the company established the “Tianwang Public Welfare Fund”, joined the Alxa SEE public welfare organization, linked to the Shenzhen Dapeng New District Coral Conservation Volunteer Association and other public welfare organizations, and actively assumed the social responsibility of the enterprise. Strive to become an effective A new era enterprise with responsibility, social responsibility and happiness.

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As a national-level high-tech enterprise in China, Tianwang watch has been constantly striving for perfection with its ingenuity and ingenuity. The brand has successfully developed 2000 meters, The 4,000-meter and 10,500-meter depth waterproof diving watches lead the new heights of Chinese diving watch depth waterproofing, and continue to advance steadily on the road of excellence and innovation.

 Tianwang Watch was founded in 1988. It is a well-known watch brand under Shijibao (HK02033) a listed watch group company in Hong Kong, China. Over the years, Tianwang Watch has been highly respected by Chinese fashion elites and people of taste with its exquisite watchmaking technology and ingenious aesthetics. It enjoys a very high popularity, reputation and influence in the Chinese market.

  Up to now, Tianwang Watch has established brand offices and nearly 100 brand technical service centers in 38 large and medium-sized cities in China, and its marketing network has covered the whole of China. More than 2,600 boutique shopping malls have special counters for Tianwang watches. China’s mainstream e-commerce platforms have also set up brand official flagship stores.


  Over the years, the annual sales and market share of the Tian Wang watch brand have always lead the Chinese watch industry. The annual sales volume of the brand has exceeded 2 million(200W) pcs, and it has had a profound impact on the Chinese watch industry.

 The SOTOIRU brand was established in April 2017. The brand locks the core customer group in young consumers aged 18-28 who are independent, tasteful, and do not blindly pursue luxury products. The product positioning is mainly niche fashion, personalized design watches and functional fashion smart watches.

  The brand slogan [more watches that young people like] is committed to making a watch for young people who pursue individual fashion.

  Since its birth, the brand has been like by many China fashionistas for its fashionable style and novel design ideas, and has been recommended by many fashion bloggers spontaneously.

  At present, the brand keeps up with the fashion trend of young people and focus on in smart wear. Launched a variety of high-value light smart watches, multi-color dials are available to help young women start a smart life on the wrist.

 In 1926, the BALCO brand was born in Switzerland. In the 19th century, Balco clockmakers followed the exquisite craftsmanship of Swiss watches while creating trends. Design and produce a variety of style watches. Subsequently, Balco watches entered the American market and launched a variety of popular Tuo watches. In 1943, Balco has become one of the famous Swiss watch brands.

  The production workshop of Balco watches is built in the picturesque Ticino (Tessin). While following the Swiss superb watchmaking technology to create precise timepieces, Balco watches also add rich Swiss cultural atmosphere and romantic style to the watch design. The brand has been selected as one of the world’s top 100 well-known watch brands in the “World Watch Yearbook” for three consecutive years, and has been loved by consumers and highly recognized by the market.

  Swiss Balco watches officially entered the Chinese market in 2002. At present, the Swiss Balco watches have a sales network all over the major cities in China, and have counters in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. As a member of the Swiss Watch Industry Federation, all Balco watches come from the original factory in Ticino (Tessin), Switzerland, pass the Swiss testing standards and import the whole watch with original packaging.

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Watches FAQ

(1) Why are seconds inaccurate for the scale?

This is a fixed interval when the stepping motor of the quartz watch is difficult to stably push the second hand forward, which is a normal phenomenon of quartz watches, and is not a quality problem, and will not affect the normal use of the watch.

(2) Why is the strap so long?

During the production process of the watch, because the size of your wrist cannot be predicted, the extra size of the bracelet will be left. If you feel that it is too long, it is recommended that you use a professional watch remover tool to remove it. It is just enough to change it to the length that can be inserted into a finger. good! Please pay attention to avoid scratches on the watch when disassembling. You can use the packaging protection when the product is shipped and remove the excess strap.

(3) Why does the monthly calendar show the 31st?

The calendar is set on the 31st of each month, and when you encounter a small month, you need to manually dial the day faster!

(4) Why is the watch belt a little hard?

Genuine leather straps will be shaped and anti-wrinkle treatment and added with a waterproof base before leaving the factory, under normal circumstances, it will be harder just worn, and it will be soft and fit after wearing for a while.

(5) Why is the watch calendar not accurate?

The correct adjustment method is as follows:

When adjusting, the calendar and week should be adjusted to the day before the current date, and then slowly dial the hour hand to cross the 12-hour clock, and then adjust the correct time after the date is turned to the current date (this is the early morning time) (pay attention to distinguish between day and night, avoid turning the calendar at 12 noon), if it is an afternoon adjustment, you need to adjust it 12 hours faster; Adjust in the morning and fix the time directly.

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