Watches FAQ

(1) Why are seconds inaccurate for the scale?

This is a fixed interval when the stepping motor of the quartz watch is difficult to stably push the second hand forward, which is a normal phenomenon of quartz watches, and is not a quality problem, and will not affect the normal use of the watch.

(2) Why is the strap so long?

During the production process of the watch, because the size of your wrist cannot be predicted, the extra size of the bracelet will be left. If you feel that it is too long, it is recommended that you use a professional watch remover tool to remove it. It is just enough to change it to the length that can be inserted into a finger. good! Please pay attention to avoid scratches on the watch when disassembling. You can use the packaging protection when the product is shipped and remove the excess strap.

(3) Why does the monthly calendar show the 31st?

The calendar is set on the 31st of each month, and when you encounter a small month, you need to manually dial the day faster!

(4) Why is the watch belt a little hard?

Genuine leather straps will be shaped and anti-wrinkle treatment and added with a waterproof base before leaving the factory, under normal circumstances, it will be harder just worn, and it will be soft and fit after wearing for a while.

(5) Why is the watch calendar not accurate?

The correct adjustment method is as follows:

When adjusting, the calendar and week should be adjusted to the day before the current date, and then slowly dial the hour hand to cross the 12-hour clock, and then adjust the correct time after the date is turned to the current date (this is the early morning time) (pay attention to distinguish between day and night, avoid turning the calendar at 12 noon), if it is an afternoon adjustment, you need to adjust it 12 hours faster; Adjust in the morning and fix the time directly.


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